Kurt Stockman (°1970, Ronse, Belgium) makes photos and films. By applying abstraction, Stockman investigates the dynamics of the contemporary landscape. In a time of human induced climate change, every perceivable landscape is partly formed by human activity. We humans have become the landscape.

His works establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our relation with our planet and other life forms on it. By referencing romanticism, naturalism and symbolism, he uses a visual vocabulary that addresses many different social, political and ecological issues. The work incorporates time as well as space – a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit.

Besides working with photo and video since 2015, Kurt Stockman continues to work as, a VJ, DJ, sound artist & performer. He’s been involved in Kapotski, Starbot, Midijayski, Aifoon, Topo Copy, Cosy Cozy, No Echo No No, Timelab, Les Ateliers Claus…

Kurt Stockman currently lives and works in Ghent, Belgium & Dieulefit, France.


2022 – “WIJ” solo show – Pastorie, Munte, BE

2022 – “Ben Bennaouisse, a Total Exhibition” w/ Ben Benaouisse, Philippe Tonnard, Ingrid van Rentergem, Werner Aerssens, Christel De Coninck, Aäron Willem, Soetkin Eloy, Jonas Nachtergaele, Nele Decorte, Filip Gheysen, Geert Carlu, Dolores Bouckaert, Kurt Stockman, Christian Verschelden, Sam Eggermont en Michael Vandorpe, Franse Vaart 28, Ghent, BE

2022 – “Le Village” – 7 Rue du Bourg, Dieulefit , FR

2021 – “BRUGGE FOTO FESTIVAL” – Guido Gezellehuis, Brugge , BE

2021 – “Blue Romanticism” – 7 Rue du Bourg, Dieulefit , FR

2021 – “JONG BLOED EXPO” Group Show, BE Factory, Ronse, BE

2021 – “ART GHENT” w/ Ben Benaouisse et al, S.M.A.K., Ghent, BE

2021 – “Blue Romanticism” – Linx+ Vitrine, Ghent, BE

2021 – “ART GHENT” w/ Ben Benaouisse et al, Brabantdam 64, Ghent, BE

2020 – “Picture Paralyse” w/ Jef Morlan, Maison Florida, Hasselt, BE

2020 – “La Course / En Attendant le Tour” with Alain Breyer, La Fabrique de l’Image, Meyse FR

2020 – “Looking For Caspar” – 7 Rue du Bourg, Dieulefit, FR

2019 – “BAD, Belgian Art & Design” Selected by MJ – Floraliënhal, Ghent, BE

2019 – “On the Nature of Landscapes” – 7 Rue du Bourg, Dieulefit , FR

2018 – “NO PHOTO” w/ Sofie Vosk, Sophie Vanhomwegen & Bert Bossaert – Santo, Ghent, BE 

2018 – “TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG” w/ Topo Copy, BOZAR, Brussels, BE

2017 – “Uitgerokken” Duo-show w/ Kristof Van Heeschvelde – BLANCO, Ghent, BE

2015 – “Compassion & Resistance” w/ Phillip van den Bossche • Andrea Govi • Auriea Harvey • Caroline Nevejan • Marleen Wynants • Hans De Witte • Hendrik Tratsaert • Heike Langsdorf • Dolores Bouckaert • Ief Spincemaille • Ine Van Baelen • Jolien Naeyaert • Lydia Chagoll • Mathilde Everaert • Matthijs De Bruijne • Eva Gheysen • Miguel Witzke Pereira • Aimee Zito Lema • Rebekka De Wit • Wouter Hillaert • Rebekah Wilson • Saddie Choua • Satinder Gill • Peter Aers • Barbara Raes – Vrijstaat O, Ostend, BE

2014 – “FVVK” – SECONDroom, Ghent, BE