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I’m a photographer with a background in the (sound)arts, music, heritage and DJ’ing.

I like getting close & interacting with whatever I'm photographing. I consider making images with my camera more to be an ongoing internal process than making visual registrations of the world around us. The concepts of time, the (Anthropocene) landscape and ecology in relation to the arts in general and photography in particular are my main interests.

Hire me for reportage, event & architectural video and photography. Or any other visual needs you might have.
Among my clients are: S.M.A.K., durv architecten, Test-Aankoop, STAM, Davidsfonds, ...

Enjoy my images!

While you are here, why not visit some of these fine projects I'm involved in one way or an other: Cosy Cozy, Topo Copy, DOK, Kapotski, No Echo No No.